Lions Gate ChorusWhen you come to your first rehearsal, you will be placed to determine what vocal part you could sing.  Part of the placement will include your ability to sing harmony, and to hold a melody against a harmony part singing with you.  

After your voice placement, you will be given music and a temporary placement on the risers next to someone who sings the same part.  Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to practise singing your music on the risers with the chorus.  Should you choose to audition, you will be asked to sing your part against the other voice parts.  

The audition process requires that you be able to carry a tune (i.e. stay in pitch), and to be able to hold your tune against a harmony line. If you aren't sure whether or not you can do this, come on out and give it a try - we're happy to help you out, teach you a bit, and when you're ready to audition, you can give it a go!  Email us to learn more!

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Rehearsal Address
Salvation Army Building
3403 East 49th Avenue (entrance through gym on East 48th)
Vancouver, BC V5S 1M1  Canada
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We rehearse Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm