Tara Newell

Marketing/PR Coordinator
  • In consultation with both the Music and Management Teams, continually work towards the following big-picture goals of the chorus: 
    • Membership growth 
    • Sales of  promotional items ; such as CD’s, clothing
    • Obtaining and promoting  performance opportunities 
    • Raising the chorus profile  and holding at least one or two meetings annually  with Web and Social media coordinators to establish short and long term goal
  • Organize the dissemination of chorus and chorus event information via various means, including but not limited to:
    • E-mails, and printed materials to media outlets, patron list, other Barbershop groups, and/or the public
    • Website, blog and social media
    • Online and print event listings and/or advertising
  • Be the lead on various other marketing opportunities as requested by the Management Team
  • Appoint the following positions who will operate under her umbrella:
    • Website Coordinator – Public 
    • Social Media Coordinator 
    • Patron List Coordinator
    • Sales Promotion Coordinator 
    • Performance Marketing Coordinator
    • Marketing and Promotion Design  (as needed)


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Salvation Army Building
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