Schmeckfest Vancouver - 2018-Apr-16

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Apr 16 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Shaughnessy Heights United Church
1550 W 33rd Ave (33rd and Granville St)
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Believing that choirs can learn so much by listening to other choirs, Dr. Nickel decided to initiate SchmeckFest in 1996. “Schmeck” is a term German Mennonites once used to describe beautiful singing.  “Sing with schmeck!” meant to employ the full body and “mask” of the face - all the resonators - to create a resonant tone.  “Schmeck” also means “taste”.  In essence, “SchmeckFest” is a concert where choirs come to sing for - and experience (taste) the sounds of - other choirs. Choirs become the performers and also the most appreciative audience. Singing for people who truly know what it takes is really gratifying.

Sad fact: Choir members are so busy that they rarely have time to go and hear other choirs.

Schmeckfest: no formal adjudication, great singing, a relevant learning opportunity, a jam packed two hour experience, new contacts and friends, directors pick up new repertoire ideas; a real celebration - a FESTIVAL!

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Where is this event going to be?
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