Uplifting Message from Director of Forth Valley Chorus

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May 25, 2016 - 4:04pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Lions Gate Chorus received this wonderful message from David Sangster, Director of Forth Valley Chorus.  Sandy and Tim were hired by his chorus to work with them in the week prior to the contest and during the contest weekend in Newcastle.


Hello to our beautiful friends in Canada!

I am the director of Forth Valley Chorus, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, newly crowned chorus champions of Region 31 and we have just had the honour of working with Sandy Marron, who is a trusted coach and friend to me and the chorus.

I just wanted to share with you my absolute admiration, joy, love and immeasurable respect for Sandy, her talent and the work that she does. She and Tim attended 6 hours of rehearsal with us as we approached the big moment: one evening in the week of contest, the night before (and yup, she changed the tag the night before contest!!) and the morning of the competition itself to the final warm-up room.

As a chorus we knew we had been tantalisingly on the brink of something special this year but thanks to Sandy (with some help from Tim!) we completely transformed our package, my directing and the chorus' sense of its own empowerment, responsibility and musicianship in literally a few days. We improved our previous record score of 656 to a completely astonishing (for us!) 694 and absolutely smashed the contest!!!

Sandy is the master of all trades and jack of none! She gives so much of herself. We were coached on singing technique, artistry, showmanship, choreography, psychology of performance and of being, how to reach for the first ever A level scores our Region has seen, my own directing style was massively changed, no stone was left unturned. Intense, inspiring, thrilling, empowering....I do run out of words.

Don't get me wrong, none of this could have happened to the degree it did if i was not lucky enough to direct one of the most amazing, fearless and receptive group of women in Sweet Adelines, and if we had not worked our butts off all year to be ready for such a remarkable catalyst.

BUT please please know what you have in Sandy. I know you would never take her for granted but I'm telling you anyway. Hers is a unique and ferocious talent. Sandy is quite simply a world class director, coach and musician. I know you will always cherish her and make sure she has the space and encouragement to burn bright and fly free the way she just did with us.

It will be a joy and privilege to be with you all in Vegas 2017!!

In harmony,



David Sangster

Forth Valley Chorus


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