Welcome to Our New Website!

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May 16, 2013 - 8:43pm -- admin

We're so excited about our new website - we hope you like it too!  Leave us a note below and tell us what you think!!


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Totally love the new website!

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It rocks ! 

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Great choice in photos. They really show how much fun we have at our "rockin' performances". 

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Love your new site ladies! Well done Kari & Tom. Especially love your audio & video clips! Best wishes for loadss of wonderful traffic to new site.

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Thanks Katrina - we appreciate the warm wishes from Down Under!

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I love the new website - I could spend all evening playing with it!

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Wow looks amazing! Beautiful pictures on the front page!

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<p>Looks great!</p>

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I love the background, the captivating photos, the videos, and the ease of navigation.

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Wow, what a fabulous new site - very interactive! Love it! Can't wait to keep up with all the info, photos, posts, etc. Congratulations!

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This site is simply wonderful.  It makes me want to see AND HEAR more more more!  

Again I say....  ACA-AWESOME!

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The new site looks great.

Amazing photos.

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Fantastic video and audio clips.  The Calgary performance gave me goosebumps all over again!  Let's watch!

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The pics capture so well what it feels like to sing with Lions Gate Chorus -  larger than life!  I love that this chorus allows each of us the opportunity to be EXTRAORDINARY!  Thanks Kari and Groupanizer for doing a great job of capturing who we are with this wonderful new site!

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Thanks Corinna! We love it too - it was so much fun building a website for you guys!


Kari Metzger
[email protected]

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Your new website is amazing!!!! Very vibrant and appealing and totally shows off the amazing talented , award winning and dynamic chorus that we know and love!!! Way to go Lionsgate!!! I'm also excited to see it is a groupanizer creation as I have the pleasure of creating our new chorus website via groupanizer!!!!!! 

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Great site keep the good work up

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Just a note to let you know that you are doing a great job with your website. We think you are pretty fabulous!

From the folks at Groupanizer

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Striking web site! Awesome images on the home page. Love it!

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What awesome support we get from [email protected] - nice to know the team is always there to fix any difficulties we run into - I call that real support!

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