Lions Gate Chorus

Lions Gate Chorus Vancouver BCWhen you walk into the halls of a Lions Gate rehearsal an energy surrounds you, the rich brilliant sound envelopes you, filling you with delicious shivers, and over 100 women singing in nearly perfect a cappella harmony raises every hair on your arm into perfect standing attention.

A stunning ballad, exquisite detail in every note portaying a deep character and story that leaves your heart beating faster..

An uptune.. the chorus erupts into sound!  A swanky piano roll blues chart, the front row slides into a sexy, sultry dance leaving you breathless.. 

Welcome to Lions Gate Chorus - over 100 diverse, vibrant women from the lower mainland, coming together weekly in song, dance and artistic expression.  This Vancouver vocal gem is world renowned, winning many international awards and honours for their innovative, musical excellence and artistic creativity.  Lions Gate features four-part a cappella harmony, mostly in the barbershop style covering jazz, contemporary a cappella (pop) and showtunes from one hundred years ago to today.

Experience Lions Gate in person - take in a show, listen to a CD, or, if you want a little more experience, visit a rehearsal and try it out yourself!


Photo courtesy of Susanne Spanell